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10 Promposal Ideas

by Steph Wolfred February 28, 2014

10 Promposal Ideas

10 of the most creative ways to ask a date to prom

Okay guys, this one is for you. Prom is coming up and girls are waiting to buy dresses until they are asked to this formal event. You don't want to wait until the last minute and have your girl stressed over what dress she will wear. Here are 10 Promposal ideas that are cute, creativity, and inexpensive. prom idea 1

1. Who doesn't love Annie Anne's pretzels? photo-19

2. Go to her house and hang a sign in her room for when she comes home. Word to the wise: make sure someone will be home first to avoid that awkward moment. If all else fails, you can always use the front door to hang your poster.


3. Go to Starbucks and buy her favorite drink. Use a Sharpie to write "Prom?" prom4

4. This might be time-consuming but what a creative idea. Just make sure to help  take all the sticky notes off later. prom5

5. If you love Chinese food this is a great way to end the meal!


6. With spring break coming up, this is probably the most romantic way to ask your date to prom. Sunset would be the ideal time


7. Change to homecoming to prom and this photo says it all.


8. The best way to win someone over is with sweets. Cupcakes, cake, or even cookies will work for this idea. prom9  

9. Give the person you are asking a puzzle piece each day for a week and when you put it all together here is what happens.


10. Get the whole team involved and make your date feel special. No matter how you decide to do it, being asked to prom is a special. Make this a memorable night starting with how you ask someone to the dance with you.  




Steph Wolfred
Steph Wolfred


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