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Corsets, Trains, and Undergarments: How to Wear Your Dress

by Steph Wolfred February 29, 2016

Prom is just around the corner and now it's time to figure out how to wear your dress. This segment features four different videos designed to help you have a stress-free prom day!


Corsets can sometimes be tricky, especially if you don't know how to do it. Check out this video for how to lace your corset dress.



Dresses with trains are a popular trend this year and they are stunning. The only issue with trains is that they are not overly practical for prom. This video gives you a couple of options for these beautiful dresses. 


Zipper Tricks:

Zippers are probably the biggest stressor we hear about on prom day. Sometimes, they just require an extra set of hands. Here is a helpful video to show you how to deal with difficult zippers.  



Most dresses come with built in cups, but if you feel that you need something extra, here are a couple of options for you.





Steph Wolfred
Steph Wolfred


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