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Five tips to selecting the perfect pageant gown

by RaeLynns Boutique June 03, 2014

Swim suit, check. Interview outfit, check. Evening gown, where to begin?

The evening gown portion of many pageants is thought to be the most glamorous part where young women show off their beauty on the stage. For this reason, it is important to understand the thought that should go into finding the pageant gown that will best compliment you.

With the help of we have developed five tips that are crucial to helping you find a pageant gown.

1. Convey your personal message. When searching for a pageant gown, you should always be thinking about the kind of message the dress reveals about you and what that might say to the judges. A vibrant red, rhinestoned, mesh corset dress is going to send a different message than a light pink, long sleeve, chiffon gown. 

2. Think about the system. Are you competing in the NAM, USA, or America system? Each of these pageant systems have a different vibe and therefore require different styles as far as evening gowns are concerned. 

3. Develop a theme with your pageant wardrobe. Some pageant coaches will have their girls make a list of adjectives that describe themselves. Words like sophisticated, elegant, and glamorous describe a different wardrobe than outgoing, cute, and darling. 

4. Find a gown that makes you feel like the winner. If you don't feel confident, you are not going to rock it on the stage. You have to have a dress that gives you the confidence to win and the ability to show the judges you can hold this title.

5. There is not a single "right" dress to flatter every judge. each judge has a different background, a different style, and a different idea in mind of their ideal winner. Each dress looks different on each girl for various reasons. So for this reason it's important to find a dress you love that looks fabulous on you. 

One last tip, don't order a pageant gown without trying it on first. You need to know how a dress will look on your body which is why it is important to visit a pageant retailer. For more information on our pageant gowns, visit us in store or see us at Miss Indiana USA in the fall. 




RaeLynns Boutique
RaeLynns Boutique


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