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The Groom's Style Checklist

by Steph Wolfred June 24, 2014

A Guide for Every Groom

The proposal has happened and wedding planning is well underway. The bride has decided on the wedding colors and is searching for her bridesmaid dresses. You're wondering where to begin with your tux, much less all your groomsmen. This guide is designed to help the groom with wedding style tips. 

1. Let the bride find her bridesmaid dresses first. Sometimes it can be difficult to match specific colors such as coral or aqua because so many variations of these colors exist. When picking out vest and tie colors, bring a swatch of the color you are trying to match. 

2. Decide on the overall feel of your wedding. Is it a Great Gatsby theme, more casual, or very formal? This is going to be a big factor when deciding on your tuxedo style. 

3. Don't wait until the last minute. A good rule of thumb is to have your tuxedos ordered about two months before the date of your wedding. 

4. Think about location. If your wedding is going to be outside in the middle of July consider wearing something other than black. Some grooms are even choosing to ditch the jacket and go for a more casual look. 

5. Try not to stress the bride out. She already has a million and one things to think about with the wedding planning. Allow her to go with you to pick out the tuxes, but you should take care of all communication with the boutique you are renting from. 

6. Add your own flare. Consider wearing Sperry's or TOMS to give your wedding look its own flare. Confirm this with the bride of course. 

7. Pick up your tuxedo as soon as it is ready. If you wait until the day before the wedding (or worse, the day of) not much can be done about adjustments. Also make sure to try everything on at the boutique to avoid frustration when you can't figure out how to adjust the pants at home. 

For more style tips and last minute wedding checklists, click here. Enjoy your big day and don't stress about your tuxedos!




Steph Wolfred
Steph Wolfred


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