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20 things you never knew about our buyers

by RaeLynns Boutique September 30, 2014

This week, we are introducing you to our fabulously fashion-forward buyers, Steph and Halee. Check out 20 facts about them that you probably didn't know...

1. Steph and Halee went to high school together, but graduated 2 years apart.


2. Halee is obsessed with stars and dreams of going to space one day.

3. Steph studied abroad in Spain, France, the Netherlands, England, and Ireland January to April of 2013.

4. Halee and Steph both absolutely love to travel. In fact, they went to L.A. this past April for a buying trip and had a personal tour of Hollywood thanks to Uber.

5. Halee owns about 200 pairs of shoes and has loved shoes since she was 2.

6. Steph's favorite accessory is hats. 

7. Halee worked at Disney World for 6 months as part of the Disney College Program.

8. Steph and Halee have both interned in New York City in the fashion industry. Steph interned with one of our top designers, Faviana.


9. Halee's fashion icon and favorite person ever is Lauren Conrad. 

10. Steph's dream job is to do red carpet fashion interviews, be a celebrity stylist, or style for movies or TV shows.


11. Halee has a "Chi-poo" named Conrad.

12. If Steph didn't work in the fashion industry she would do something related to tourism and travel or be a personal stylist. 

13. Halee's biggest fear is spiders, no matter what size.

14. Steph is learning that she really enjoys cooking and is a little OCD when it comes to a clean house and organization. 

15. Three words to describe Halee are loyal, humble, and fashionable.

16. Three words to describe Steph are trendy, determined, and faithful. 

17. Halee's ultimate dream is to design shoes.

18. Steph wants to stay in the fashion industry and will probably continue to work at RaeLynn's once she graduates in May. 

19. Halee is still friends with the same girls from middle school and has added a few along the way. 

20. Halee and Steph tag team just about everything at RaeLynn's and are excited for all they have planned for prom 2015! 





RaeLynns Boutique
RaeLynns Boutique


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