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Best prom trends for 2017

by RaeLynns Boutique December 16, 2016

Best prom trends for 2017


 Prom season is just around the corner but it is not to early to come in and grab your favorite trends while they are still hot, and available. This is a huge year for prom because a lot of the styles are really stepping out of the box and taking a risk but still keeping it youthful and fun. Here is a compilation of what are going to be the hottest trends for prom 2K17.

  • Simple & Strappy
This trend can be super simple and chic or you can really glam it up with some intense jewelry. This is just one example of the "strappy" trend where the top actually ties around the back but the possibilities on this "strappy" trend are endless. As far as the simplicity of this gown goes; the cut outs and wraps are going to do all the talking here. The solid color compliments the other elements well because sometimes too much is just that.. too much.
  • All glitter everything
I will be the first one to say that you can never have too much glitter; and it looks like someone is finally listening to me. Full on glitter gowns are a GO for this year. I love this gown particularly because it is not just one straight glitter fabric there are so many other embellishments and details within the dress that give it a lot of dimension and over all SLAY-ness (yes I just made that up). 
  • Glamorous
Prom or red carpet? Get yourself one that can do both. This dress exudes sophistication, class, and glamour (insert Mariah Carey " oh darling") with a touch of youthful fun. This trend is an absolute show stopper, the full skirt and fitted body is so gorgeous and the embellished belt just sends it over the top. This is a timeless look that your kids will not look back on and think "what in the heck is that."
  • Off the shoulder
This trend made its way into casual wear this year and it kept on moving into formal wear as well. You see this trend happening a few different ways in this blog and it can be done many more ways too. The off the shoulder cut can be done with just about any sleeve and can be as glamorous or simple as you would like, it can also come with a multitude of silhouettes. This trend adds some fun, feminine detail to just about any look.
  • Bell sleeves & florals
I mean can I have a margarita please? This dress is giving us all of the Spanish vibes but in such a trendy subtle way. Floral are everywhere this year in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles but this one is definitely one of my favorites. It can seem a little intimidating at first but once it is on it is absolutely stunning. The belle sleeves are appearing a few different ways in this blog as well and they put a very feminine twist on any look. Here you are seeing a more edgy glam bell sleeve where in the previous dress you see a very classic girly take on it with the lace. Either way you do it, you can't go wrong because this trend is going to compliment any and everyone. 
  • Bohemian Chic
This trend is perfect for the girls that want to be trendy and fun but can't imagine being in a full skirt with rhinestones from head to toe. This look is super chic with out being "extra". It can still be glamorous and fun and is definitely a new take on "prom". This is a great trend for the free spirit who wants to let her glamour flag fly.
  • Color blocking

Can't decide what color you want to wear? Pick two. This trend brings back some nostalgia for all the 90's babies but definitely puts a modern twist on the retro trend. The options for color blocking are endless and they can be as extravagant or as simple as you want. The cuts in this top give the dress more character without classing with the bold colors and it all flows together nicely, something you need to pay attention to when taking on this trend.


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