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Live Sales and Comment Sold

by RaeLynns Boutique May 17, 2020

Live Sales and Comment Sold

Hey. Hi. Hello and welcome back to our fashion blog! 

We are FINALLY back open, and SO excited to share some exciting new updates with all you followers! You probably have been noticing some new things on our feed and be wondering what you're seeing, what it is, and how you can use it. This post is ALL about these new features that are about to make your shopping SO MUCH EASIER and make sure you're getting to see your favorite RaeLynn's faces (while keeping a healthy social distance). 


Comment Sold

This new feature has been in the works while we were away! In short... this feature allows you to comment on a photo or video we post with "sold, #, size" and that's how you shop! Hence the name "comment sold."


So... How does it work and how can you start using it?

1. For your comments to be read and us to receive your "order" you have to register! It's as simple as visiting and logging in with your Facebook or Instagram. We'll take down your e-mail, name, and phone number here, and you'll officially have an account with RaeLynn's. All this means is you now have a place for items to go when you *comment sold*.

2. Visit our Instagram or Facebook page. We are slowly starting to add items here where you'll be able to use this comment sold feature to shop and cut out all the links and website visits. Look for posts like this

Eventually, you'll be able to shop for all our items like this! Until then, we'll always be sure to tell you the fit of the item, sizes available, the price, and to comment sold! 

*be sure to comment EXACTLY how we tell you to, or our system may not recognize your comment as an order!

3. Once you've commented two things can/will happen. If you're using Facebook to *comment sold* you will get a message that prompts you to visit your new account with RaeLynn's and pay for your items! Due to how quickly we sell out of things-- you only have two hours to pay once you've added your items to your cart. After that, they will go to the next person in line. If you are using Instagram to comment sold, just follow that link again and log back into your account with the same info as before. Your items will also be there!

4. Now, you'll use this account to checkout just like a normal online shopping order! 


Seriously-- the EASIEST way to shop! Have questions about the material, wash instructions, or fit of an item? Just comment or message us! Someone will be back with you shortly!


Live Sales

While shopping our photos is super fun and easy-- our live sales are going to be the BEST part of these new features. 

For now, our live sales will occur on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays (but again, in time these may be DAILY). You can tune in to these sales live which is where the most fun happens! You'll be seeing our faces and chatting with us, just like you would shopping in-store-- but you can do so from the comfort of home! 


The process for shopping live sales is the exact same as shopping our photos. Make sure you're registered (you only do this once) then you get to comment and select your pieces. The only difference with live sales, is the identifier number.


Since we sell multiple items in a live sale, versus one item in a photo, while we feature an item you will also see a display showing the product photo, sizes available, an identifying number, and the price. With these sales you comment "sold, #, size". THAT'S IT!

*protip-- live sales feature exclusive products often before they hit our floor! Sometimes, they may be exclusive prices, before a sale hit our website.




Q: What if I miss the live sale, but want to purchase a piece from it?

A: Live sales may happen real-time-- but they CAN be shopped after we are no longer live! All live sales will be posted to our page, and the most recent pinned to the top for easy access. Just comment sold like normal!


Q: What if I comment sold on a piece, but my size is sold out?

A: Our comment sold and live sale features offer a waitlist option! If the person in front of you doesn't complete their payment before their two-hour window-- that product will now be in your cart and you will be notified!


Q: Is there a way to bypass the line if I *REALLY* want an item?

A: In a way! We are working on a feature that will allow you to keep a pre-authorized card on file. This feature will allow you to purchase an item as soon as your size becomes available, whether through a re-stock on our end or if another customer lets their cart expire. If you pre-authorize a card for an item you are pushed to the front of the line!





RaeLynns Boutique
RaeLynns Boutique


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