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Miss Universe Pageant 2010 - Pageant evening gowns

by 2 August 24, 2010

Pageant Evening Gowns - Miss Universe 2010

Not all about the pageant evening gowns

While I was watching Miss Universe 2010 last night, it was very evident that its not all about the pageant evening gowns, but the person wearing them.

Are pageant evening gowns created equal?

The last two years I have been learning a lot about the very large world of pageants.  When supplying 100's to local pageant girls, I am quickly finding that it is not a color or style of the pageant evening gowns, it’s the person who is wearing it and what they radiate while they are wearing it. During the Miss Universe Pageant last night, it was obvious because the top 5 contestant's pageant evening gowns they were wearing were all so very different.

We watch for pageant evening gowns that are trending

Often, us at RaeLynn's Boutique will watch pageants on TV and go to different local pageants in the area just to see what is “trending” to help us when we are buying.  Also alot of times, we can use this trend of the pageant evening gowns being worn to buy for Prom as well!  I can’t wait for Prom 2011 and for everyone to see what hot new looks we will have at RaeLynn's Boutique.

Maybe this year for prom, your dress will be inspired by one of the pageant evening gowns worn during the Miss Universe Pageant!






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