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Top 5 Tips to Stay Under Budget for Prom this Year at RaeLynn's Boutique

by 7 May 16, 2013

RaeLynn's Boutique Indianapolis Prom Customers

Top 5 Ways to Spend Less on Prom Night

It’s no surprise that families spend anywhere from $500 to $1500 for the biggest event of high school, besides graduation of course. Here are five tips that will keep money in your pocket for a date weekend after prom.

Take advantage of special offers on prom attire.

RaeLynn’s holds one annual sale on all in stock prom dresses including new arrivals from designers such as Sherri Hill, Faviana, and Jovani. Offers on tuxedo rentals are also available at our boutique. This year we offered a $50 discount to any guy whose date purchased prom dresses from our boutique. 1.  Find a friend or family member who is excellent at hair and make up. To have both of these done professionally at a salon or studio, plan to spend close to $150. Ask the friend whose hair is always gorgeously styled to help you out. Consider doing a test trial the week before prom so you know what will look best and not feel rushed on prom day. 2. Have an elegant dinner at someone’s house. Parents enjoy being involved in prom festivities so why not save money and have them prepare a delicious dinner? This works well for groups of 10 or less and you won’t have to worry about splitting the check at an expensive restaurant. 3. Ask dad if you can borrow his vintage Mercedes instead of renting a limo. Limos are outrageously expensive especially when not everyone in the group chips in money. This frustrating situation can be eliminated if you use a family car or your own. Let’s be honest, how you arrive to prom is not as important as the memories you make on the dance floor. 4. Plan a fun group event for the day after prom instead of going to King’s Island. Tickets for the amusement park are around $40, plus gas money and food during the day. Weather is unpredictable in April and May so plan something that is easy to change or doesn’t involve the outdoors. Brunch at a near by restaurant or a friend’s house is the perfect way to end the prom celebration! Using these helpful tips, prom weekend will be stress-free and filled with wonderful memories. All of us at RaeLynn’s hope our prom customers have a fabulous time at this big event!






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