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All About Glamour Girls

by RaeLynns Boutique March 02, 2020

All About Glamour Girls

Hey. Hi. Hello and welcome back to the fashion blog!

Today on the prom blog we are going to be talking about one of our favorite aspects of prom and homecoming season...

Glamour Girls!

Our Glamour Girl program is one of our most asked about events and is where many of our full-time models and boutique employees have gotten their start with RaeLynn's. If you are interested in learning what a RaeLynn's Glamour Girl is, what they do, what the perks are, and how to become one-- this blog post is for you!

What is a Glamour Girl?

There really is no singular answer to this question, as there are SO MANY awesome things our Glamour Girls are and get to do. We're going to do our best to break down what they are! 

The best singular answer to what a Glamour Girl is-- is a Brand Ambassador and representative of RaeLynn's Boutique during the season. Additionally, they act as seasonal employees and models!

What do Glamour Girls do?

Again, with so many different hats, they do all kinds of things! First and foremost-- they act as the face of the Boutique for the season they commit to being a Glamour Girl.  There are essentially three working requirements we ask our Glamour Girls to fill before they can receive the major perks of the job.

As a Brand Ambassador and store rep, they get to share exciting news and information. Sales, big shopping days, and new information! They even get to announce when we get new dresses if they choose! This is of their own accord, and they usually use social media to spread the word to their friends and peers. They also have the opportunity to pass out referral cards that get their friends discounts!


As a model, they get the chance to participate in photoshoots and live model the latest and greatest prom dresses in store! We ask that out Glamour Girls participate in at least two of the photoshoots, though they can participate in as many as they want to. When Glamour Girls live model in store they get to put on new dresses to show them off. They greet customers and interact with them on weekend shifts. These shifts are usually only a few hours, and we ask that they complete five in total. 


Along with modeling, we give out Glamour Girls the opportunity to be in the store and assist our employees. They help interact with customers and run dresses, help pull dresses and just get the chance to get the full RaeLynn's Girl experience.  These shifts run parallel to the modeling and count toward their five shifts. 

What are the perks?

So far, you might be thinking that being a Glamour Girls sounds like a heck of a lot of work, and you wouldn't be wrong! But, the only reason we ask so much of them, is because we have some AWESOME perks for our girls! 

The biggest and best perk of being a RaeLynn's Glamour girl is getting a *killer* deal on your next formal from RaeLynn's! Once our Glamour Girls complete their photoshoot and shift requirements they become eligible for the discount on the formal dress! Additionally, each of their referral cards that gets turned back into us, they get another $10 toward their dress purchase! 


While Not all of the perks of being a Glamour Girl are material, some additional benefits are as follows-- 

You get to meet some AMAZING new girls! So many of our Glamour Girls forge new friendships with their fellow GGs. Not only do you get to see these girls on-site at shoots and in-store for shifts and events, but many even start to make plans outside of RaeLynn's (we've even had girls find their college roommates for college!) Glamour Girls get all kinds of RaeLynn's gear that is usually only available to staff as well! This is an experience like no other that will get you out of your comfort zone and making some of the BEST memories!

The last, but certainly not least of the perks is that often our Glamour Girls find themselves with a new part-time gig at RaeLynn's after their seasonal GG term is up! We even have former Glamour Girls who have become regular RaeLynn's models for both formal wear and boutique clothes!


How do I become a Glamour Girl?

If you've stuck with us this long, hopefully, your only lingering question is- Where the heck do you sign up?!?! 

We do Glamour Girl applications twice a year. One round for homecoming in the fall and one round for prom in the winter-spring months. Applications are usually via e-mail, and we always announce them opening through our social media channels. 


If this sounds like your kind of deal make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram and get notifications when we post new content!


Thank you SO much for tuning in and sticking with us through this post! We are so excited to get this information out to all of our loyal followers and hope that this will encourage you to apply next time we open Glamour Girl applications!








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RaeLynns Boutique


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