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All About Halloween-- Prom Recycle Edition

by RaeLynns Boutique October 30, 2020

All About Halloween-- Prom Recycle Edition

Hey. Hi. Hello & welcome back to the fashion blog!


Today we're tackling one haunting topic-- HALLOWEEN! Halloween is some serious fun, but when you're scrambling for a cute costume for a last minute party... nothing is scarier ( we are not sorry for all the Halloween puns taking place)! Even worse? Going out and spending a fortune on some ridiculous costume you'll wear once and see a dozen other people in. 


We here to help you break through the costume rut and share some super cute and fun ideas with that old formal dress in the back of your closet! Who doesn't love a chance to re-wear an old prom or hoco dress?!


Option 1

This look is especially for our blonde babes who unashamedly LOVE pink! Take that love of pink to Halloween by being our favorite childhood icon-- BARBIE! This look was easy peasy, and SO fun to create!

Here, we paired a hot pink long formal (you could honestly use any pink dress you love) followed the makeup tutorial below, and viola! You're a Barbie girl!

 Option 2

We know you're a princess-- and you are looking for ANY chance to don a pretty dress and your reserved tiara for any and all occasions. This royal look is for you! For our second Halloween look-- we pulled out our favorite blue ballgown and Nikita's tiara to turn her into her fav Princess. Cinderella!

Pull out that old ball gown (it doesn't matter what color, be your own favorite princess!) Get all dolled up in super glam makeup and hair (again, the tutorial we followed is below) and grab that tiara to top it all off! Put it all together and grab your sparkly glass slippers while you dance the night away-- we promise you wont' turn into a pumpkin!

Option 3

We clearly were on a Disney kick while we worked on these Halloween looks! This look was one of Nikitas favorites to create (and not just because she's rocking a Sherri Hill!) Tinkerbell is a classic, easy to recognize look that will have everyone wanting a sprinkle of faith, dust, & pixie dust!

For this look we pulled out all the stops with this stunning emerald Sherri Hill dress that's been a staff fav all season. To really pull it all together we followed a soft glam, fairy makeup tutorial, piled N's hair into a topknot, and grabbed some walmart fairy wings! Bonus points if you have cute ballet slippers to complete the look!


Option 4

*Siri play Lizzo* Because let's be honest-- Lizzo brings our everybody's inner goddess and that's exactly what this costume is! This outfit is great if you have a white dress in your closet that doesn't get much love! We've used a flowing satin skirt and lace top 2 pc!

As mentioned, we used this gorgeous, bohemian 2 piece Sherri hill to give a ancient greek/ toga vibe. This look was a soft, golden glam makeup tutorial with soft curls and topped off with a gold leaflet crown!


Option 5

Hey all you cool cats and kittens! We couldn't help but save our most favorite look for last! This Feline look allowed us to get use of our favorite patterned dress and be the cutest little kitty around!

We paired this full sequin, cheetah print dress with some cat ears we picked up at a local convenience store and some super easy cat makeup! This look is sure to be a winner for any costume party you attend!


Thanks for tuning in to this week's blog post! We had so much fun creating these looks and hope they're helpful to you! Don't forget to shop our Halloween sale!







RaeLynns Boutique
RaeLynns Boutique


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