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All About Midnight Madness

by RaeLynns Boutique December 30, 2019

All About Midnight Madness

Hey. Hi. Hello and welcome back to the fashion blog!

Today we’re talking all about the BIGGEST event of the RaeLynn’s year. Midnight. Madness. If you’ve followed us for a full year, you’ve no doubt heard or seen us talk/post about this super crazy, fun event. If you’re new here then this may be the first time you are learning about it!

What is Midnight Madness?

Midnight Madness is single-handedly the BIGGEST sale that RaeLynn’s puts on (and arguably one of the largest in the midwest). When we say big-- we mean it. Our dresses will be anywhere from 10-50% off and one lucky customer will get her dress for FREE. That’s right, 100% off. Completely FREE. No strings attached. This sale is massive as nearly the entire in-store selection is included in this sale. 

How does it work?

  1. We are always closed during our normal store hours the day of MM. We will open up at 7 pm that night.
  2. Once you walk into the store you will be greeted by a RaeLynn’s Girl! She will give you the low-down of where sizes are and the layout of the store. You will be instructed to pick out three dresses, and then you will take them to the wait desk where another RL girl will assist you further.
  3. If there is an open room-- we will take you directly there! Once all of our 18 fitting rooms are occupied, we will go on a wait. If we are on a wait when your dresses go to the waist desk the RL girl there will get you on the list and we’ll get you in just as soon as we can!
  4. Once a room is open, or if you go directly to a room you will meet your very own RaeLynn’s Associate. She will be your go-to for the rest of your visit! She will help you into each dress, including zipping and clipping and guiding you to our three-way mirrors to admire all the sparkle on your gorgeous gown! 
  5. Once you’ve picked your dress your RL associate will take it (and all your matching accessories) up the register.
  6. Once it is your turn at the register, you will get to draw out of a bowl. In this bowl are percentages from 10-70% as well as a slip marked free dress. Whatever you draw from the bowl is the discount you will receive! We will get you all checked out and set! 

*Fun Fact- You will receive that percentage off of your entire purchase! Earrings, a purse, shoes, and even our super cute boutique clothes! 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if I don’t find *my* dress in those three dresses?
    • You absolutely can try on more dresses! However, if you aren’t loving any of those initial three, we ask that you get dressed to go back out and look and then get back onto the waitlist. We understand that this may not be the most convenient, but there will be TONS of girls also wanting to get in on these great deals! Doing this allows us to ensure that each girl gets to try on and find her dress while keeping things flowing and moving smoothly!
  • Are there any exclusions?
    • Yes!  We are unable to discount Sherri Hill gowns so these are excluded in this sale. Otherwise, everything else is fair game! Even if you love a Sherri and don’t receive a discount on it, you can still get some great deals on all the perfect accessories!
  • Does everyone get a discount?
    • Of course! Every single person that purchases that night will receive at LEAST 10% off! However, you can receive up to 50% off and even a free dress!
  • Can I order a dress on Midnight Madness?
    • While we *can* place special orders if your heart is set on a specific dress, special orders are not eligible for this sale. It only includes pieces that are on our sales floor at that time.
  • Can I utilize your layaway program on MM?
    • Absolutely! Whatever your discount is, we will apply it at checkout. You will pay half of the discounted prices in addition to the $50 layaway fee that night. You then will have the usual 90 days to pay off the remainder of your cost.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Have an idea of what you are looking for and what your size is! Due to how busy it is, we STRICTLY enforce our 3 dress rule! You will have better luck finding your perfect dress if you have an idea of what you’re looking for. Check our Instagram for all our new dresses that are in stock! 
  2. Dress warm! In the past, it’s been lined up around the entire store, and in Indiana this time of year it is COLD. While we do our best to get you all inside, we will not unlock the door before 7! So, layer up and grab some hot cocoa for while you wait.
  3. Be ready to have the *best* time! MM is our favorite event of the year and every single one of your RaeLynn’s girls is pumped up and ready to help you get a great deal on your dream prom dress! We’ve got a great playlist on deck and are ready to have some major fun!




RaeLynns Boutique
RaeLynns Boutique


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