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Behind the Scenes: Photo Shoot

by RaeLynns Boutique December 06, 2019

Behind the Scenes: Photo Shoot

If you’ve followed us for any length of time (from ‘08 to now), chances are you’ve seen shots from at least one of our prom photoshoots. Without fail, these photo shoots are one of our absolute FAVORITE parts of prom season! Today, we’re going to give you all an inside look at what went into our Prom 2020 photoshoot!

Step One: The Venue

One of the cool parts about planning photoshoots at RaeLynn’s is that it truly is a storewide affair! We get input from all our staff and listen to everyone’s ideas about new things we can incorporate to change it up from year to year. With 11 years under our belt, we’ve done it all (we’ve shot everything from vintage 50s diner to Old Hollywood Glam), so this year was a little bit of a challenge. 

The idea we kept coming back to for this year’s shoot was waterfront! With our big move up to the North Side of Indy, we have seen *so* many gorgeous waterfront properties! If you haven’t been able to tell from previous years we’re big fans of anything super glam. So-- we started the hunt! After some checking and looking one of our staff suggested Ricks Cafe Boatyard (seriously, an Indy MUST). It. was PERFECT! After a few emails and a meeting with Rick’s AMAZING staff, we were all set for our dream shoot!

If our pictures aren’t proof enough-- Rick’s Cafe Boatyard is a dream location and the perfect place for your pre-prom meal! Check out their website and facebook pages here! With an amazing menu and views looking over Eagle Creek Reservoir it’s the perfect spot for dinner and pictures! 


Step Two: Picking Models

This is one of our most asked questions! All our prom models are long-time RaeLynn’s customers and friends (you’ve probably spotted them in our shoots before). Are you interested in being one of our Prom Models? Most of our Prom Models started out as customers who shopped with us regularly and went on to be Glamour Girls!

One thing we at RaeLynn’s are HUGE on, is giving back to our customers! One way we do that is by using models who are simultaneously real-life RaeLynn’s shoppers!

*wondering what a Glamour Girl is? Stay tuned for our next blog post all about it!

Step Three: Picking the Looks

Once we have our models, we can start picking our looks for the shoot! This year we chose to have four different looks for our prom shoot! Picking these can be a little daunting- five models and four looks equal 20 dresses for ONE shoot! 

Usually, for starting an entire look we begin with one dress that is a total standout! These dresses are total bombshells and end up being some of our top selling prom dresses! Once we have the *feature” dress, we start building the rest of the look around that. We pick a color scheme and pull multiple dresses in sizes for our chosen models and work from there! We then narrow it down to make sure the look is balanced and will photograph well. 

To cap it all off- we accessorize each dress for the shoot! Yep. You’re right. That’s 20 pairs of earrings, necklaces, and shoes! It’s multiple carloads from our store to the photo shoot location.

Step Four: THE SHOOT

The day of our shoots is nothing short of crazy! Our on-shoot staff loads up all of the looks and props into cars and heads to our venue. We like to kick things off nice and early to make sure we have plenty of time to not feel rushed so we make sure that we get there and set up and then have our models meet us at the venue. There are plenty of snacks and goodies for them to munch on while we get them into the first look. 

Then our photographer gets down to business! Rick’s had *such* a variety of places to shoot, including their indoor event spaces, balconies, and out on the water overlooking the marina. They were kind enough to open up any and all of their space for us to shoot in, and the result was some AMAZING photos! Once our photographer grabs group and individual shots of each model in her dress we head back to our staging area and help the models into their next look! 

*FUN FACT-- Have you ever seen a behind the scenes of a photoshoot from a big magazine? You’d think based on that, that things get really fast-paced and crazy. Fortunately for us, our shoots usually are laid back and fun for all allowing everyone to feel relaxed and get the job done.

We pretty much follow this process for all of the looks! Our staff has to make sure that each dress goes on the right model and she has the correct earrings and shoes for that look. Once we’re shot all of our looks the last thing to happen is editing the photos!



Thank you so much for taking the time to get a little behind the scenes action from our prom photoshoot! Stay tuned for a lookbook of all our favorite images!






RaeLynns Boutique
RaeLynns Boutique


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