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Golden Globes- All About the Tuxes

by RaeLynns Boutique January 08, 2020

Hey. Hi. Hello and welcome back to the fashion blog!

We've just released a blog post detailing all of the best dresses from the 2020 Golden Globes, and we've had an epiphany y'all! We absolutely cannot talk about the Golden Globes without mentioning all our favorite tux trends we've seen! Out are the days of your dad's penguin suit and in are the days of bright colors, rich velvets, and amazing cuts and exquisite fits. 

We hope that this blog not only highlights some of the AMAZING tuxes we saw on the day of the Golden Globes but gives you some great ideas of what your date can wear for prom 2020!

Rich Colors

Eddie Murphy hit the nail on the head with this stunning deep purple jacket.Paired with a classic black pants and accented by black lapels and turtleneck this look manages to look cool and casual while still being venue appropriate. If something too modern isn't quite fitting you or your dates ideal look and style, adding in a deep color like this just might be what you're looking for!

Timeless and Classic

Okay, Okay-- stay with us! We know we said that we were showing you modern trends and that these weren't your dad's tuxes and we promise that's true! While this is as classic as a tux can get we promise that this has a modern twist to it. Taron Egerton absolutely nailed this classic take on a modern tux. Notice how well-tailored it is, and the pleated fronts on the pants! If you're not feeling particularly adventurous with a tux look, making sure you get a modern fit with the classic black and white combo is a great starting point!


Black on Black

Okay, here we have another great, modern take on a classic tux.  Kit Harrington presenting it to us in a nice looking package is just an added bonus. This black on black look pairs great when you want to wear a stunning bright color (like red) and want your date to look as good, but not do the typical matchy matchy prom vibe. 


Color and Velvet

We've been saving this look as one of our last two because we loved it SO MUCH!. Ansel Elgort stunned us with this rich, blue, velvet tux. Again we have something well-tailored and fit to him perfectly. Under he dons a classic tuxedo shirt in white, and his bow tie matches the color of the suit perfectly. This color and texture combo is so rich and luxe your date will look like a movie star themselves! THis look would pair beautifully with a white or silver-colored gown!


Brighten Up

Last, but certainly not least we have our youngest star inspo yet! Roman Griffin Davis donned this perfect velvet jacket in this bright orange! Honestly we are so in love with this look! He paired the mod jacket with a skinny fitted pant for the pefect red carpet ready look. This look would pair best with a classic black dress!


We hope you enjoyed these Golden Globes tux looks as much as we have! These are some great trends to keep in mind as you prom shop and start to think of what your date may wear to match you!






RaeLynns Boutique
RaeLynns Boutique


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