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Prom-Demic: a Guide

by RaeLynns Boutique April 30, 2020

Prom-Demic: a Guide

Hey. Hi. Hello and welcome back to our fashion blog! 

Today we're talking about a topic that we've been getting and asking questions on since the start of the Corona Virus Pandemic. Is prom canceled? Is it postponed? What are the options?


First and foremost-- we want to emphasize something that our entire staff feels wholeheartedly. Prom is such an important event! No matter the circumstances you absolutely deserve to celebrate, and we don't want a single one of our prom customers, or frankly any high school-aged student, to miss out on this rite of passage. 

So, what are the options?

We won't ever pretend to have all the answers, but we do promise to help in any way we can! Within this, we are going to share the options we have seen and currently know of. Also, we are in the process of compiling a resource where dates of alternative proms, community proms, and rescheduled postponed proms will be, and make that entirely accessible for all of our Indiana customers! 

What your options are

We are local to Indiana, so these suggestions will be mainly geared toward our Indiana customers, however, if you are one of our out-of-state customers or readers these may give you some inspiration or a place to start looking for your area!

Reschedules and Postponements

The first step for all you prom girls out there is to do a little digging and find out what your school, in particular, is doing about prom. We have found that many Indiana schools are simply rescheduling or postponing proms-- which means you are good to go! 


If you find that your school hasn't released any information about prom we encourage you to reach out to your administrators and encourage them to take the reschedule or postponement approach! 


If your school has canceled prom altogether, fear not, we've got your alternatives! 

Virtual Proms

Virtual Proms are one of the ideas that have shown an AWESOME amount of ingenuity in this new realm! One of our local Indy high schools has scheduled their very own virtual prom where students get to go through the experience of getting ready and tune in to a laser light show, a party DJ, and even celebrity cameos! 


Encourage your own school to take this route if an in-person event just isn't feasible! Even social media platforms are getting in on the virtual prom game. For example, John Krasinski from "The Office" is hosting a virtual prom on TikTok!

Community Prom

In areas where High Schools are not offering rescheduled or postponed proms, communities are STEPPING UP! We have heard of SO many towns where local small businesses are joining arms and putting on community-wide proms for their seniors! Find out if your community is doing this-- or maybe you can get one started!


At Home Prom

While many of us are holding out hope of lifted restrictions on the social gatherings, we recognize that for some even lifted restrictions don't guarantee the prom experience. For those who are immune-compromised or live with a loved one who is, the risk of bringing that home is too great. 


If this is the case, turn your own home into prom and celebrate with those you live with! Put on that dress and get all dolled up and get your dad, brother, uncle to throw on their old suit. Hang up your Christmas lights in the middle of August and dance the night away! 


Throwing Your Own Prom

A group of our super sweet seniors here at our store in Indy has decided that once the pandemic has ended, they're going to throw their very own prom! They're all pitching in and reaching out to local vendors to contribute to get a venue, dinner, a DJ, and all those prom necessities together and plan to have the best time! 


No matter where you live or what situation you find yourself in, we don't want you to miss out on the prom experience. We know that this time is scary and confusing for so many and that even this small sliver of fun can be just the pick-me-up that you need. If you have questions or concerns we are always here to do anything we can to help!


Thanks so much for tuning in to this super special blog post. We hope you have some fresh ideas on how to celebrate your prom so you get to rock that dress! Remember to be extra kind an patient to all those you encounter during these hard times, and to always shop and support local. 






RaeLynns Boutique
RaeLynns Boutique


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