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Prom Shopping Tips and Tricks

by RaeLynns Boutique November 05, 2019

Prom Shopping Tips and Tricks

Hey. Hi. Hello and welcome back to our fashion blog! 

This blog post is a follow up to our last post, so if you haven't read it yet, click here and go read! We promise it's worth your time! It details how everything works when you come to shop with us for your dream prom dress!


This post will refer back to a few points in it, and unless you've read it, it may not make total sense so make sure you do! This post is going to be chock full of RaeLynn's Girl (RL girl) pro tips to make sure you have a super easy, fun, and painless prom shopping experience!



One of our FAQs here at RaeLynn's is, "when is the best time to shop?" We like to say that our birthday month of November is really the kick off to our prom season. This is when our dresses really start to pour in-- meaning that by the end of December and beginning of January are when we will have the fullest inventory and when YOU should stop in to buy your perfect dress! Shopping in this time frame will ensure you're shopping from the best selection, the dress will be in great shape, and you will have plenty of time for alterations come spring! 

An additional note we want to add on the topic of timing is another small detail. We ALWAYS recommend shopping on a weeknight if at all possible! Weekends from December to May get CRAZY in our store and you may experience longer wait times and a much more crowded store. Shopping during the week will ensure a less busy store and a more personal experience with one of our staff!

Help Us, Help You

Our staff here at RaeLynn's has one sole purpose here-- helping you!

The best way we can do that is if you let us know what you're looking for (or not looking for)! 

*Fun Fact-- we carry over 10 top designers, each having HUNDREDS of dresses in their lines! While we do list all of these dresses on our website our we cannot guarantee that we carry that dress in-store. However, nearly every single new dress that comes through our door we put on a mannequin and take a picture of and it gets posted to our @raelynnsprom Instagram page!


Before you come, get a feel for what you're looking for in a prom dress, but come open-minded! Take a few screenshots of dresses you see on the Instagram page or give us some pointers! While you only get to pull three dresses (remember that last post? Read it to find out why!) We know our full inventory and will likely pull a few more based on your feedback of what you selected! 


Giving us an idea of color, fit, or style you are looking for will help us know what to pull to make sure we put you in a dress that could not be more perfect for you and your style!


Patience and Understanding is SO Appreciated

Like we have mentioned in that other post (we're gonna keep referring to it. You really should go read it!) and earlier in this one, weekends are crazy around here. Our staff has seen wait times to reach nearly an hour, with all 18 of our fitting rooms going! We do our best to keep things moving quickly and efficiently, but still, aim at providing a personal experience and excellent customer service!

We ask that if you encountering one of those crazy prom weekends while you visit us, that you extend us the same patience and understanding you would want your daughter, granddaughter, or young woman you care about to be extended. Most of our staff are high school or college students who do this job because they love making our RaeLynn's customers feel beautiful and confident. We promise that when you give us that patience and understanding we will return the favor with one AWESOME prom shopping experience and help you find the dress of your dreams!


See it. Like it. Want it. Got it.

There is one single incident that without fail, will happen to all of our staff members at least once every season. And again, without fail-- it breaks our ever. Lovin'. Hearts. 

A prom shopper will come in and find the perfect dress. It fits like a dream and looks like it was MADE for her. But wait.... this is only thier first stop of the day and they want to make sure there isn't something better out there! 

*Another fun fact-- All sales are final on formal wear at RaeLynn's. This means that once a dress is purchased we cannot offer any exchanges, returns, or refunds. This policy is strict and we never make exceptions. 


While we will never pressure you into buying a dress you don't love (see fun fact above) it breaks our heart when a girl genuinely loves a dress and chooses to walk away from it. Once you leave our store, anyone else can put that dress on and purchase it, meaning there is big ole' chance that if you walk away from that perfect dress it will not be here when you get back. We never do holds, as that is against our store policies. 

Case in point-- if you love a dress do NOT leave this store without buying it! All stores carry similar dresses, and we have the largest selection in Indianapolis! When you purchase here you won't be missing out on anything!

Never Shop Online


Okay... we're *usually* pretty big fans of breaking rules, but this is one we don't EVER want you to break! Kind of... 

There are all kinds of online stores that will advertise their dresses with pictures of designer gowns from the biggest and best names with prices that are KILLER. When it comes to this, if it looks too good to be true it definitely is! 


*Catch to this rule-- shopping online isn't ALWAYS a disaster.  If you are shopping through an authorized retailers website (hey hello wassup, like us) you won't have to worry about getting a sad reproduction of your dream dress. 


Remember-- almost all formal shops hold all sales final policies on formal wear. We (and other reputable stores) do this to ensure you are purchasing a dress that hasn't been swapped for a fake or something that has been previously worn. This includes dresses bought online (even if it doesn't fit, because designer sizes can run much differently than your everyday clothes. To avoid being stuck with a dress that won't zip, come shop with us in-store so we can help size you and make sure your perfect dress is the perfect size!


We sincerely hope that this post gave you some solid tips and tricks to navigating prom season! We can't believe it's already here, and we hope you come to see us! In the meantime follow us on social media pages, and always feel free to call the store or message us with any questions or concerns!






RaeLynns Boutique
RaeLynns Boutique


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