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What to Expect When You're Prom Shopping!

by RaeLynns Boutique November 05, 2019

What to Expect When You're Prom Shopping!

Hey. Hi. Hello and welcome back to our fashion blog! 

Today’s post is for all you prom shoppers out there! We know, we know— homecoming just passed and it can’t possibly be time to think about prom yet, but it is! November is our birthday month here at RaeLynn’s and we like to think of it as a kickoff to our prom season. November is the time of year when most of our dresses will start to come in and fill our racks and we will be prepping for another super fun prom season! 


If you haven’t been around here for a prom season before, it gets CRAZY (in the best, most fun way that is!) so we like to kick off the beginning of the season and give you an idea of what to expect, and some tips and tricks to make sure you have the best experience possible while you’re visiting us!


Well, Hello There! Welcome to RaeLynn's!

When you walk in, be prepared for full-on sensory overload! Our store is pretty big and is if you’re shopping on a busy “prom weekend” (more on this to come) it will be pretty loud! You will be surrounded by our employees (RL girls), other customers, and over a thousand colorful, blingy, designer gowns! Whether you’re brand new to the store or a seasoned RL customer, find your nearest RL girl if they don’t first find you! 


We try to catch everyone as they walk in, but with so many customers we don’t always manage to, so never be afraid to find someone in RL gear and let them know you’ve just arrived. They will be able to let you know how the store is set up (this changes frequently based on inventory and if we have a special event that day) and will help you on your way toward your size!

Time to Explore!

This is the fun part! We turn you loose in the store to pick out *three dresses you’d like to try on. One thing we really pride ourselves on is that we are a low-pressure sales environment, we don’t ever want you to feel like we’re following you around, but we are ALWAYS available for questions and to help. Looking for a certain dress? Flag one of our staff down— we’re always happy to point you in the correct direction.

Once you’ve started to find you’re dresses one of two things will happen we will take the dress(es) and put them in a fitting room or help you get on the waitlist!

*Three Dresses— we do enforce a three dress limit in our store! There are a few reasons for this…

a.) Your comfort and protecting the dresses. Our fitting rooms aren’t huge (that’s why we’re able to have 18) and we’ve found that 3  dresses is the sweet spot of having options and not being too crowded! Giving you enough room to get in and out of the gowns is one way we try to prevent damage to gowns— ensuring you get a quality dress!

b.) giving everyone a chance to try on dresses. 18 fitting rooms with 3 dresses in each is 54 dresses off the floor! Not to mention any dresses that customers may have on the waitlist. Limiting the number of dresses is a way to make sure that all customers have an equal opportunity to a great selection. 


Time to Wait!

While we do our best to control wait times we do like to make sure that each customer is attended to personally and receives excellent customer service, so you may experience some wait times while visiting us. We ask for patience while you wait, and promise that it will be worth it! 

Our wait process is pretty simple— once you’ve found your first dress you will either have it taken to a fitting room or if we’re on a wait you will take it to our wait desk. Our RL girl there will take that first dress and put a numbered band on your dress (where your other two dresses will be added) and take your name and school and add you to the list. Once all three of your dresses are at the wait desk and you’ve been added to the list you are free to roam the store (we highly recommend checking out our boutique clothes). Once your room is available we will call your name and school and announce which room to head to. Your dresses will already be waiting there for you!


Let's Get Down to Business (i.e. the fun stuff)

Let’s be honest— this is why you came! To actually put the dresses on and have some fun! Mommas, grandmas, sisters, and girl gang this is your chance to relax and sit back, we will take good care of your girl! We have a great area with seating and stages with three-way mirrors. Settle in here, and we will get your girl dressed and bring her out so you can admire the gowns! 

Prom girls—  we are here to help! Let us clip and zip you into dresses! Allowing us to do this makes sure that if anything rips breaks or tears in the process it’s on us and not you!

Once you’re in your dress we will guide you out to the stages and three-way mirrors. Here you’ll really be able to admire all the features of your dress! If you’re really feeling a particular dress we’ll jack ya’ up (yeah, we REALLY love say yes to the dress)! We carry shoes, jewelry, bags, and even undergarments to complete your look!

 Thanks for tuning in for this little gem of a post and stay tuned for a follow up on our tips and tricks for having an easy pain-free prom shopping experience!






RaeLynns Boutique
RaeLynns Boutique


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